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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

My Ragdoll Heaven Policies

  • Kitten prices can depend upon colors/markings etc.
  • All kittens are sold with a written contract.  Contracts are subject to change.  We currently offer a one year health guarantee.  if you wish to receive further information about our policies and guarantees we encourage you to email/call us and discuss your concerns personally.

  • All kittens must be spayed and neutered when they are between five and six months old. We feel this is the best and safest time, after consulting with our veterinarian. After Spay/Neuter please forward your certificate from your Veterinarian so we can register your kitten with TICA.

  • Kittens are sold as pet quality with no breeding rights.

  • If for some reason you are unable to keep your kitten/cat, we ask that you notify us so we can help locate another suitable home for them. We may or may not be able to take the kitten/cat into our home, depending upon the situation. Under no circumstances may you re-home the cat without notifying us.

  • Under no circumstances will you have our kittens declawed.

  • These precious kittens need to be kept inside for their health and protection. They are not equipped to live outdoors.

  • $400 deposit will reserve your kitten until he/she is ready to go home with you. Deposits are non refundable, except under special circumstances at the breeders discretion. We reserve the right the cancel a kitten reservation if I feel the need is in the best interest of the kitten and the parties involved.
  • Final Payment needs to be either in Cash, Cashiers Check or a Money Order.
  • All our litters are TICA registered.  We will hold back registration papers until we receive proof of altering.
  • We feel that kittens are not emotionally ready to be separated from the litter until they are at least 12 week of age.
  • Some policies are open to compromise as the situation requires.