Ragdoll Care

We are currently using the following products:

  • Canidae dry cat/kitten formula mixed with ProPlan kitten dry food
  • Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food for kittens beginning to wean and nursing mother cats
  • World's Best corn cat litter


Preparing for a kitten requires time and planning.

The following is a list of recommended/required supplies:

  • Kennel or Carrier
  • Two Litter Boxes
  • High Quality Litter
    • World’s Best Cat Litter
    • Swheat Scoop
  • Medium Sized Cat Tree
    • Kittens prefer a cat tree with a space for them to sleep over the very basic scratching post. We can provide you with contact information for some businesses who make cat furniture by hand. You can also visit a pet store such as Petsmart, Petco, or Nature's Pet. Costco carries cat trees once or twice a year as well.
  • Food Recommendations
    • I highly Recommend continuing the feeding of canned food daily.
    • My Veterinarian recommends wet food along with good quality dry to prevent bladder and kidney issues in cats.
    • Cats need the extra moisture in their diet to make up for eating dry food, water alone does not have enough moisture.
    • Since canned food is not the main diet, only a supplement to their diet, do not worry about what brand you buy.
    • If you have the time, boiling chicken breast and chopping it up for your cat is good for adding moisture into their diet.
    • When switching dry food brands, please mix the new food in slowly as to not upset your new kittens delicate digestive system.
  •  High end dry Food Brands
    • Organic
    • Orijen
    • Pinnacle
    • Merrick's Before the Grain
    • Wellness Core
    • Eagle Pack
    • Instinct
    • Solid gold
  • Mid Priced good dry foods
    • Canidae - Rice Based
    • Canidae Pure land - grain free
    • Pure Vita
    • Pro Plan- Corn based
    • Natural balance
    • Royal Canin - corn based
    • Online most foods and litter can be purchased from Chewy.com, they have excellent customer service.
    • You can also purchase these brands at the usual pet stores in your local area.
    • We will send you home with some dry food and two cans of the canned food we use. We recommend you switch brands slowly, if you decide not to stick with the same mix we use.
  • Water and food dishes
    • Glass or Ceramic
  • A comb and brush for grooming
    • A wide tooth metal comb is highly recommended.
    • A double tooth comb is good for combing undercoats.
    • A soft slicker brush may be useful as your kitten grows ups.
  • Tearless hypoallergenic kitten shampoo
    • Please ensure the shampoo is pH balanced for cats and kittens.
  • Other Necessary things to purchase-
    • Nail clippers
    • Cat scratchers
    • Multiple cat toys
    • Cat beds
    • Probiotics
      • These are excellent to have on hand. Many kittens experience gastrointestinal upset when moving to their new homes and switching foods.
      • Probios Gel
      • Forti Flora
      • Advita Powder Probiotic
      • Bene-Bac Gel

Make sure you have a veterinarian picked out for your new kitten (s). Locate an emergency vet within reasonable distance; you never know when an emergency might sneak up. It is better to be prepared.

Kitten proof your house, make sure there are no loose wires, cables, toxic substances, or objects that can be swallowed lying around. Check to make sure there aren't any places for your kitten to hide, get stuck, or lost in. Always make sure to close your doors and pay attention when leaving the house. Kittens are naturally curious and can easily sneak out.

Grooming and Nails

My Ragdoll Heaven Kittens are taught that grooming and nail trimming is part of the regular routine. We provide them with scratching posts and cat trees. We brush them regularly to get them used to grooming. My Ragdoll Heaven has a strict NO DECLAW policy; it is part of our contract. We recommend you continue the routine of regular grooming and nail trimming of your kitten(s). We also suggest you supply him/her with a good sized cat tree with sisal rope on it. A scratching post/cat tree will generally prevent your kitten from using your furniture and other house old items for scratching. Cat trees are a wonderful addition for your kitten, cat trees give them something to climb, instead of your furniture!

A ragdoll's coat is quite easy to groom and generally does not mat. Their coats are medium to long in length, with a very soft silky texture. It is often compared to rabbit fur. Ragdoll's will groom themselves regularly. However, we still recommend you brush your Ragdoll once or twice a week. Nails should be clipped every 4-6 weeks or you risk the nails curling and growing into their paw pads. A bath may be required to maintain proper skin and coat health. Always use shampoo pH balanced for cats/kittens and always rinse properly. Never use human shampoo. Kittens will generally enjoy a regular grooming, because they like to receive love and attention. Take advantage of this and continue grooming your kitten as he/she ages.

As your Ragdoll ages it may beneficial to have he or she groomed professionally. There are many grooming shops and veterinary offices that offer cat grooming. Along with mobile groomers who will come to your location. There are numerous benefits to having your Ragdoll groomed by a professional. Speak to your professional groomer and get your Ragdoll set up on a grooming schedule. To ensure your Ragdoll tolerates the professional grooming setting we recommend taking your Ragdoll to the groomer before one year of age as part of the socialization process.


Before your kitten leaves My Ragdoll Heaven, it will be up to date on its vaccines. It is recommended that you continue the vaccine schedule. Make sure you speak with your vet to see what schedule is best for you and your kitten. Email us if you would like to see our recommended vaccine schedule.

Article written by Natalie Olson.